Youngjoo  Kim creates “conditions.” By her specific preset of choices in the act of making, the artist creates an abstract mode of communication that redefines how an image has been perceived in the history of painting.

About the Artist



The artist explores the unprecedented conditions to create paintings in pursuit of ’discovery’. What the artist meant by ‘discovery’ refers to the re-perception of the novel nature by abandoning general visual and cognitive understandings of the identical subject matter. For example, the color used in the artist’s painting performs as a symbolic sign within the specific scope of its application rather than as a distinguished definition entitled by the language. Moreover, the nature of pigment that inevitably dissolved its materiality in the process of representation surfaces as the substances that is essentially measured in the physical weight on the artist’s canvas.

By doing so, playing with the conventional means of painting such as stretcher, canvas, and pigment, the artist attempts to question a substantial aspect of representation and transform it into a new dimension.

In respect of the artist’s practice, she states as followed, “I am skeptical of pursuing the new objectives in paintings through the reproduced images that are drawn. Instead, I focus on exploring the new form that considers viewer’s visual and cognitive understandings by means of the painting as a medium embraces the interaction of the creator and viewer.”

The artist’s experiment in paintings ultimately regards creating a medium that allows the investigation of the distinction between binary activities of ‘seeing’ and ‘discovering’ in the appreciation of the work. Through such practice, the artist Youngjoo Kim continues to find a valid position of contemporary painting potentially acquired in modern society prevalent with images.