American, b. 1982, Torrance, California
Lives and works in Laguna Beach, California

“Stephanie belongs to a younger generation of artists who, looking back at the 1960s and ’70s, 
are inspired by minimalism and the Finish Fetish movement. She chose a hard-to-control medium
that reflects the challenges she has had to face in her life, but she also brings intellectuality, a
sense of playfulness and sensuality into her work.”  

-Grace Kook-Anderson, curator of contemporary art at Laguna Art Museum
Stephanie Blake manipulates porcelain clay to form elegant, seemingly undulating, minimalist
sculptures. Twisting and turning, her graceful abstractions have the deceptive appearance of
weightlessness, grounding themselves through components of negative space and solid
architectural structure.  Her forms push and pull, expand and contract, creating a tension that
represents the tension present in the conscious mind and in the human body. 
Born in Torrance, California, While studying communications and art history at Boston College, 
she fell three stories to the pavement and suffered an arterial aneurysm, a number of strokes and
endured multiple open brain surgeries. After months in the hospital she was left with the
capacities of a baby. Stephanie underwent rehabilitation to restore physical coordination and
verbal expression. Though she still has trouble at times forming continuous thoughts and
expressing them verbally, the dialogue between the physical material of her artwork and her own
body brings stability and structure to her creations and her recovery. Stephanie returned to
Boston College and finished her degree requirementsin 2007 and earned a post-baccalaureate
degree from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts through independent study. 
Blake has exhibited throughout Southern California. Her work has been juried into the New
York Armory show and has been exhibited at the Laguna Art Museum and at the Smithsonian
Institution in Washington, D.C.