For a new artist page, create link on ARTISTS page using this code (replace italicized text with corresponding text/url): 

<div class="hover_img">
     <a href="artist's page URL">Artist's Name<span><img src="image URL" alt="image" height="100"  style="position: absolute; left: 450px; top: -50px;"/>

Change the "top" variable (bold) to adjust pop up image. The top link will be about -40, the link below that will be -100, then -150, and so on. 

On the Ipad homescreen, make sure all images are cropped to perfect squares to allow for a grid.

When making changes to the artist page, do not delete the blank rectangle at the very bottom. 

If you do, the code to make the page work is this: 

a img { display:none; }
a:hover img { display:block; width:400;}